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Milan Schellingerhout started taking photographs in 2004. He soon noticed a passion for photography and started focusing more on it. His interest in different cultures, diversity of people and nature in the world grew and photography became increasingly important in his life. Now as a documentary photographer he focuses on social themes and social current events and issues.For example, an important theme is inclusivity, diversity and equality as seen in the work “Samensmelten”, “De andere kant” and “Ocean Majesty Ship”. But themes about climate change, nature and mass tourism, as in the series "A sliding scale", are also addressed to show the impact of the urgent problem and invite reflection and action.
Milan emphasizes the importance of giving a voice and a platform to individuals or groups through his photography. By telling their stories, he wants to promote insight, awareness and understanding. His work extends from distant destinations to local issues, such as the series "Mijn huis in het park" or even personal stories such as the series “Om de week".

Milan has now acquired several international and national publications and works on commission for newspapers, Panos Pictures, companies and institutions, municipalities and private clients. In addition, Milan remains active in creating his own work.
In 2021, Milan won the 2nd prize Silver Camera Paul Peters Prize.


The Guardian, Sunday Times Magazine, Panos Pictures, NRC, De Volkskrant, Algemeen Dagblad, De Gelderlander, Tubantia, National Geographic


“Leven met Vitesse” Dudok Arnhem 26 juni 2024

Museum Arnhem - slavernijverleden december 2024


2021 Zilveren Camera - 2e prijs Paul Peters Fotoprijs
2020 Finals Buitengewoon Gelderland photo contest, Netherlands

2019 Finals National Geographic photo contest, Netherlands/Belgium


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