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Milan Schellingerhout started photographing in 2004. He soon noticed a passion for photography and then started focusing more on it. During the Tourism study he was able to combine his photography with his travels. His interest in different cultures, diversity of people and nature in the world grew. Photography became increasingly central to his travel destinations, although his work was only seen in circles of friends. Although photography remained his greatest passion, Milan first developed in other fields. In 2018, Milan completed his Masters in Management at the university, but partly because of this, he became even more motivated not to enter the business world, but to fully focus on a career in photography. In the meantime he has completely focused on making visual stories and reports. With his stories he tries to convey certain themes to the viewers and thus incite them to think about and trigger them. Milan Schellingerhout still regularly travels around the world for photography and likes to get to know new places and people. Based on this motivation, he also guides photo trips for (starting) photographers who want to learn more about photography and the world.


2019 Finals National Geographic photo contest, Netherlands/Belgium 
2020 Finals Buitengewoon Gelderland photo contest, Netherlands 


De Volkskrant, National Newspaper, 2021
National Geographic Calendar 2021
De Gelderlander, Newspaper, Netherlands
Vrienden van Sonsbeek Bulletin, Netherlands

Exhibition Rozet, Library Arnhem, 2021, Netherlands
Exhibition Sonsbeekpark, Arnhem, 2021, Netherlands

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